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Estonian Model Merily Jurna

August 16, 2009




David Copperfield loves models and dates models literally from all over the world.  He’s like the United Nations of womanizers.  

Merily Jurna is a model from Estonia who is now living in New York, although it seems she’s taking a break from modeling at the moment.  She was born on January 3, 1981 and is a Capricorn.  Copperfield and Jurna met each other around 2002 and have been dating on and off. Rumor has it Copperfield was cheating on Merily with another girl named Sonia Uribe, whom he also dated.  Below is a video found on Youtube of Jurna at a photo shoot in New York City.  Sources say she’s currently studying at The New School, a university in Greenwich Village in NYC.  She’s a regular in the New York social scene, however, it’s hard to find out about this woman.  Any tips would be greatly appreciated.  



Merily Jurna



Merily Jurna, Andrea Basdidas, Martin Saar, and Malla Kjartansdottir




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